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Let’s talk about biofield energy readings, resets, and how sound healing can fit into your self-care programs.

sound healing

What Is Biofield Energy?

Great question! We all have a field of energy from within and this energy also extends out. No part of our energy system is visible to the human eye but it can be felt. This is subtle energy and there is a belief that before your “physical” health issues manifested there was already a disconnect within your subtle energy flow.
At Bodiac, our Board-Certified Health Coach will start your session with a biofield energy reading. Using voice analytics analysis we will effectively determine where there are misalignments within biofield and vital energy flows. For example, we will see the health status
of your chakra’s and meridians. It will also demonstrate where those misalignments are impacting your physical and emotional health. A biofield reading determines how the misalignments are impacting your overall wellness and where you should place your self-care
The next step is the biofield reset. Our AI technology will then program a very specific and individualized concerted action of tones, sounds, frequencies, and vibrations specific to your misalignments to make the necessary adjustments through sound healing.
Sound healing uses specific instruments, music, tones, and vibrations to balance your own subtle energy to promote self-healing and balance your mind, body, and spirit. These sounds are done at specialized sound frequencies to create comfort, nervous system rebalancing, and emotional release for holistic wellness therapy.

Who Needs a Biofield Energy Read, Reset, and Sound Healing?

All of us quite frankly. This could be just because you are having an off-day or not feeling yourself. Maybe you are just looking to remain balanced as a preventative measure. However, it is used as therapeutic self-care for people who are looking to integrate other alternative
options & a resourceful tool for those who are looking to manage and take control of some of their own wellness care.
Great for self-management of anxiety, stress, trauma, blood pressure, depression, PTSD, performance improvement, and sleep disorders just to name a few.
I hope you have found this to be informative and can’t wait to meet you 🙋 Feel free to reach out if you have any questions. Live your best you!
Barbara Purdom is a Board-Certified Health Coach. She has multiple certifications in Health & Wellness Coaching, Pro-Conscious Meditation, Lifestyle Weight Management, Hypnotherapy,