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There are so many options today. Everything from laser to cryo. The options are all fun, sexy,and they look so easy. With so many to choose from what do you do? What do you choose?

Let’s start with the basic facts. If you want fat reduction you are still going to have to focus and work at it. When I personally consult with a client I let them know “Jesus does not work here”. There are no miracle cures where you can eat what you want and be a size 1. Body sculpting treatments do not circumvent basic principles of weight and fat reduction. What it can do is assist you in obtaining results faster and if you follow healthy food and exercise program than you will achieve amazing results barring medical conditions and prescriptions which is why I recommend a consultation before any purchase. Mine are always free!

What is body sculpting anyway? Its a great question. It’s non-invasive fat reduction. There are multiple modalities to choose from. Some will tone your muscles and give you abs of steel. Some will just eliminate fat through heat, cryo (freezing), and soundwaves. Some will use laser now – and since everyone wants to do laser for everything they run towards these possibilities looking for their miracle result. When they don’t get it then they tell everyone it doesn’t work. Mostly a lack of understanding and education is what the downfall was especially since there is a lot of science out there now. But, who can understand it all!

First, you should know that body sculpting is not for everyone. Here’s the deal: 1. You must still watch what you eat. You must eat healthier. Less simple carbs & sugars. Less bad fats. Start there. 2. You must drink water and a ton of it 64-72 ounces a day as this helps to flush the fat out. No, coffee, tea, soda, vitamin waters, seltzer/soda waters – none of this counts. Plain water. 3. You must exercise specifically cardio to break a sweat and start the lymphatic drainage process where you eliminate the fats through your sweat, bowel movements, and urination. If you are not willing to do this than for sure this is not the treatment for you.

Ok so we got the basic requirements but what about all of these options. Let’s review!

Cryo options – there are a lot of brands and unbranded names doing all basically the same thing. They freeze fat cells that eventually fall off. It takes about 6 weeks to see results. Typically no down-time but can be some uncomfortable for many during.

Laser options – Uses heat and laser to remove fat cells. Can be minimally invasive to full surgical and quite frankly there are a lot of different brands out there pretty much all doing the same thing. May be a little down-time. Can have some discomfort during after procedure.

Air sculpting – Think more of marketing terms – really is surgical liposuction with laser. Potential down-time and discomfort.

Your are going to pay thousands…

Believe me there are plenty more options. However, my bias is as a wellness opportunity not just for pure aesthetics but what can additionally make you look and feel your best externally and internally. My vote is for the basics but making sure you have clinical grade/medical grade
modalities. Let’s discuss more shall we?

iLypo laser Lite — I use this at clinical grade. That are plenty of laser light paddles. You can buy them on ebay and amazon for example. However the FDA regulates the power and efficacy. So you are not likely to see much beyond superficial short term at best. Why do I like this. The answer is for those who have visceral fat – this is the dangerous fat that wraps around your organs that not even surgical procedures can remove. It’s really a laser-like method of using red light therapy and it makes visceral fat literally dissolve. Fantastic because now you are going to see results but you will be much healthier too. Many of the procedures mentioned above cannot help with visceral fat. No down-time – no pain during or after.

Ultrasonic Cavitation. Again at clinical grade. Lots of people offer these services and again you can buy retail grade options. Plastic surgeons and physicians in the industry agree if this is your method than it must have between 20,000 to 30,000 cycles per second. These are wavelengths. Anything higher than that will not be as effective. When you buy retail its only at 40,000 as the FDA regulates this and will not allow anything stronger. Also, if your using a provider and specifically popular with estheticians please ask them if they are using. You are typically looking for 25KHz -35KHz. Also, if the machines sets on a desk or table just say no….You need a real machine that is strong and sturdy enough which will be a complete device not a small desktop. There is no down-time or pain during or after. You’ll get some ear buzzing during.

Never do fat reduction without skin tightening — we use class 2 medical grade radio frequency. It’s the best. Again you can buy RF at retail but they are only allowed to sell to consumers at class 1. I state this because I have caught companies retailing on FB advertising and lying to consumers about their class. I guess marketing calls this embellishing – I call it what it is: consumer deception. Also, estheticians even if licensed cannot operate class 2 medical grade as it does not fall under their license or the board of cosmetology. If they do not have a medical director in the state of Arizona than it is not medical grade. There is no pain but its heat — and many people on the first time are nervous but in all fairness most love it and we are able to get them on higher heat levels for better results and they enjoy the experience.

My final thoughts — there are all kinds of offerings and price should be a consideration for all of us in anything we do. Don’t assume that surgical and laser are worth more. It is going to depend on the type of fat you have and how much down-time and discomfort you can tolerate.

Often, I fight the battle of people offering retail grade options with the same or similar names as my aforementioned modalities and people will claim I am more expensive! I am more expensive than retail because I’m clinical/medical grade. You are getting stronger more effective treatments. My team is not only educated on how to use these modalities but several of us are actually certified in weight management so they can help you achieve all of your goals in your dietary and exercise needs. However, my costs are extremely more affordable than cryo, laser, and surgical without down-time, without pain, and a much healthier options and immediate results.

For example, my clients can see their very first results without a wait. 90% see results before they walk out of my wellness center on their first visit. This is amazing. Also, this is medical aesthetics so we are not allowed to promote this as a treatment for any medical ailments. I understand this, but recognize we are quickly removing fat so I encourage those who struggle with high blood, high cholesterol, and high triglycerides to have your lab work done prior to your treatments and after for data comparison. We will also measure your visceral fat changes during your treatment as well. This procedure works hand in hand together to help you be a healthier version of yourself internally and not just beautiful outside.

Finally, many people come to me and they want to purchase just one modality. That may work for preventative and low-correction needs. However, if this is not your need it is not going to be effective for you personally. This is again why I recommend a consult first. My team is not paid commissions on these services because I want them to recommend based on your wellness needs and goals and not due to a higher paycheck. You will receive honest feedback on what we can and cannot help with.

Chat with you soon! Feel free to call/text at 480 770 6271 if I can offer any other guidance.