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Yesterday, I met a new client and my heart just goes out to her. She was looking for fat reduction & body sculpting and had gone to a company run by a medical aesthetician. With that said she spent thousands of dollars and just wasn’t seeing any results. Low & behold, after some research she found the machine being used on her for treatment on sale at amazon. There could be many reasons that this could happen. However, as a consumer here is what you should look for. The power and frequency of the UC that was being used on her were 40k which is approved for retail by the FDA, but any specialized physician practitioner, plastic surgeon, etc. will tell you it’s only effective when it is between 20 kHz – 30 kHz. The FDA approves retail at 40kHz – which in the soundwave world is less powerful. These are knock-off machines that are too weak and cannot penetrate into the fat or create enough disturbance in the cell to cause cavitation. Do not be deceived by “FDA approved” machines at 40-60 kHz – FDA does not govern medical science – they only approve what can be sold to consumers safely. It is safe but ineffective at this level. It’s important to understand that Ultrasonic Cavitation and Radio Frequency are not governed by the Board of Cosmetology – therefore someone who is a certified aesthetician could perform services at their own shop but anyone could perform them with or without an aesthetician license as this is not the requirement. A big hint for you is making sure that your treatment center has a medical director. A physician is not required to perform these specific procedures themselves, however, having a medical director is usually indicative that they are following the practices set forth by the Dept. of Health. Make sure you know that the kHz is between 20-30 for ultrasonic cavitation and that radiofrequency shows the dept. of health registration publicly displayed as this is the governing agency. Thanks for letting me be your advocate!!!!