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prefect body women shape lying down

Most people all around the world want to lose weight both for medical and cosmetic purposes. However, getting the perfect figure can be more problematic and time-consuming for anyone who wants a shapely curve. Moreover, while specialized workouts and healthy diets might improve physical fitness, they aren’t always adequate for contouring certain body parts.

Furthermore, after any significant weight loss, the skin frequently loses the flexibility to adjust to the slighter physique.  The factors that affect how effectively the skin recovers following considerable weight reduction include aging, exposure to sunlight, and heredity. Many individuals’ skin does not fully adjust to the body’s reduced size, causing it to sag and turn uncomfortable.

And even after reaching the desired weight, countless women- and even men- feel that loose skin makes them look bigger. Additionally, even though they are now fit and active, there are instances when their extra fat hampers movement. For this issue, receiving a body contouring procedure has been one of the best methods to eliminate loose body skin.

What Is Body Contouring

Almost everyone has persistent fat that refuses to disappear despite the numerous things they try to do. Substantial weight reduction due to dieting, weight loss surgery, or postpartum changes also frequently results in excess skin. Body contouring refers to several surgeries that can help with weight loss, tighten the skin, and polish the new figure.

Body contouring, also called body sculpting, is a medical or cosmetic operation that tries to contour specific body parts. It employs cosmetic and non-invasive cosmetic procedures to expose a tight and toned figure behind fat or saggy skin deposits. These treatments will produce a more symmetrical body shape with smoother outlines as an outcome.

One essential aspect to remember is that while body sculpting can help, it rarely targets weight loss. However, it aids in body shaping and addresses specific places where weight loss was unsuccessful or culminated in excess skin. Furthermore, body contouring should be utilized in conjunction with a balanced diet and not a stand-alone solution to every issue.

Types of Body Contouring

As previously said, body contouring refers to various cosmetic surgery operations to modify the body’s curve, contour, or overall look. These operations may either be invasive or nonsurgical, but their scope is entirely dependent on the patients’ health conditions. And because it can cater to various parts of the body, several types of body sculpting are available.

Not all procedures are created equal, and not every operation is appropriate for every problem or body type. For example, some surgeries are more beneficial for hard-to-reach body parts, and others are more beneficial for particular spots. Some clinics can also blend procedures to create a treatment approach tailored to a person’s physique and fat deposit concentration.

Each one of these procedures has advantages and disadvantages, so understanding the differences is crucial. Of course, it is always best to consult a cosmetic surgeon about what works best in certain situations. In general, body sculpting procedures are either one of two types- liposuction and body contour surgery.


Women massaging her stomach with some device

Liposuction is a surgery that eliminates tough fat deposits from the body that are resistive to diet and workout.  Most individuals who undergo liposuction have a steady weight but want to remove unwanted excess fat in specific body areas. The goal of lipo is aesthetic, as it is for individuals who intend to transform and improve their body profile.

The operation is frequently performed on the waist, belly, hips, and other body parts by a plastic or cosmetic surgeon. It can be done independently or in combination with other cosmetic treatments like a facelift, tummy tuck, or breast augmentation. Although the quantity of effectively removable fat is restricted, liposuction ultimately destroys fat tissue, transforming the body form.

There are multiple forms of liposuction, each of which functions somewhat distinctively with its own set of benefits and drawbacks. Knowing the similarities and differences between them can help you determine the best option for your body. Here are some of the numerous forms of liposuction and how each procedure works to shape your figure.

Tumescent Liposuction Is the Most Prominent

Cosmetic surgeons nowadays most usually utilize tumescent liposuction, which is also known as fluid injection lipo. Tumescent anesthetic is injected into the surgery region to decrease discomfort and bleeding at the end of the process. It also alters the physical characteristics of fat, rendering it a bit quicker to get rid of extra fat.

Tumescent liposuction is identical to regular lipo, with the exception that it employs two anesthetic kinds to swell fat, making it more straightforward to locate and eliminate. Lidocaine is a potent anesthetic that might cause modest fat cell edema. Epinephrine is also commonly used since it inhibits blood vessels and can significantly lessen bleeding.

Tumescent liposuction can also remove fat from practically any of the body regions where liposuction is applicable. It may take some months to achieve your actual toned shape, but most soreness associated will subside within a month. Thus, many professionals regard tumescent lipo as the ultimate standard in the field of liposuction.

Laser-Assisted Liposuction Offers Advanced Fat Removal Solution

Numerous technological advancements have led to laser-assisted liposuction, which is the latest type of liposuction. It works by producing a concentration of energy with a laser that can melt and disintegrate fat cells. Furthermore, surgeons can use a cannula to draw out and remove fat cells dissolved throughout the procedure.

Because it only involves minuscule cuts that recover rapidly without leaving a scar, lasers are particularly effective at burning down fat. Only a tiny tube is necessary to extract the melted fat since the laser fiber is so thin and accurate. This procedure is delicate enough to be applicable to any part of the body, including uncommon regions like the face.

Many patients who undergo laser lipo may notice younger-looking and tighter skin aside from shedding fat since it promotes collagen production. However, the recovery periods can be lengthier than other procedures, with many individuals needing pain medication for some weeks. Nevertheless, if you’re dealing with a competent cosmetic surgeon, laser-assisted liposuction should be a viable solution for you.

Ultrasound-Assisted Liposuction Provides Faster Body Contouring

Ultrasound-assisted liposuction works in the same manner that laser-assisted lipo would, but rather than lasers, it uses ultrasonic waves. Ultrasound is a pinpointing tool that employs high-frequency sound waves to generate significant energy levels in the tissues. A surgeon executes this treatment by creating incisions and injecting a low-frequency ultrasonic instrument with a cannula affixed.

Ultrasound-assisted lipo is applicable in regions where regular liposuction is problematic, such as places with harder fat. Moreover, because it is liquified and less prone to swelling or bleeding, you can effectively extract a more considerable fat volume with this liposuction method. Furthermore, it’s ideal for individuals who wish to remove stubborn fat more quickly than with other lipo procedures.

It takes a shorter time to remove fat, but it has the same pros and cons as laser-assisted liposuction. And while individuals may undergo burns or blisters, the healing period is close to that of tumescent lipo. It is also frequently combined with tumescent surgery to create more precise body shaping with minimal bleeding.

Super Wet Lipo Complements Body Contouring Procedures

The super-wet method involves injecting a volume of dilute anesthetic less than half of the tumescent lipo’s amount. This fluid injection then aids in filling out the fat tissue, rendering the fat more accessible for removal. The cosmetic surgeon then draws out the fat using the fluid’s components, making the process faster and less painful.

Extensive and targeted fat elimination techniques to address various body areas are viable with super wet lipo. In addition, this surgery typically takes a shorter time to heal than standard liposuction and has fewer possible issues. Discomfort after the operation is also significantly lower than traditional liposuction, and patients can resume light activities while recuperating.

You can supplement super wet liposuction with other lipo treatments, such as tumescent liposuction, to achieve the best outcomes. In addition, you can combine ultra wet lipo in conjunction with additional facial treatments and body sculpting procedures. It has real potential to provide enduring benefits, especially if you observe all the cosmetic surgeon’s recovery and lifestyle guidelines.

Body Contouring Surgeries

A women ideal body shape

Following considerable weight loss, different body contouring treatments are frequently essential to obtain the ideal body shape. In addition, when there is extra skin or regions where lipo outcomes would be inadequate, lifts are necessary. These can also be useful for individuals who mostly sustained a stable weight or have a relatively minor weight loss.

Body contouring improves fundamental support tissues while removing persistent fat and loose skin to achieve a sleeker form. Essentially, body contouring surgeries are not weight-loss methods but procedures to sculpt the best shape for an individual. Here, a surgeon often conducts a thorough examination of your body routines and habits before prescribing a particular surgical method.

Body contouring covers a range of procedures, with each typically concentrating on a distinct body area. These body parts usually involve the tummy, back, breasts, limbs, or buttocks, while some may involve facial procedures. Here are some of the more popular surgeries that fall under body contouring:

Tummy Tuck for a Flat Tummy

The most efficient treatment for sagging skin and tissue around the stomach is a tummy tuck. A tummy tuck- or abdominoplasty– is ideal for people who want to contour their waistline or abdomen. To obtain a flattened belly, it eliminates extra skin and muscle from the stomach area while stiffening the underneath muscles.

Loose skin can be the effect of severe weight loss in some instances, and it can also be a natural byproduct of pregnancy in others. Unfortunately, sit-ups and other activities will not reattach these muscle tissues, but a tummy tuck can. A lengthy incision is made from the hipbone’s one end to the other one to eliminate unwanted fat and tissue.

It will be necessary to avoid smoking and certain drugs and vitamins in the days before the treatment. Recovery is a long and steady process, and complete rehabilitation might range from weeks to months. Patients must also abstain from alcohol and cigarettes while healing and refrain from various strenuous activities for several weeks.

Breast Lift Offers a More Youthful Look

Breast muscle elasticity declines as women age, and the skin starts to strain, resulting in sagging or slumping, known as breast ptosis. Genes, gravity, bust size, motherhood, and weight loss all play a part in how much ptosis you get. A breast lift can treat these concerns and rejuvenate and revitalize your breasts for a more pleasing look.

mastopexy, or breast lift, reshapes the breasts by reducing the extra skin and compressing the tissue around it.  It works to rectify the disproportion between your chest and help you achieve a younger-looking, more attractive breast shape. However, it does not fill out the top portion of your breast or alter its size.

Before undergoing surgery, speak with a cosmetic surgeon about the procedure’s expected outcomes and possible risks. It’s necessary to understand every detail of your operation, so don’t be afraid to express your concerns to your surgeon. Additionally, if you prefer your breasts to seem fuller, you may consider a breast lift combined with a breast augmentation operation.

Thigh and Butt Lift Provides a Shapely Figure

Loose skin gathers around the thighs and buttocks when people lose a lot of weight quickly. A buttock and thigh lift, sometimes called thighplasty, improves the shape of the butt and hip area by lifting them. This surgery can also help the thighs and the lower extremities appear more beautiful and curvy by tightening excess skin.

The operation blends liposuction with extra skin and fat removal from the outer thighs and buttocks to improve its profile. An expert surgeon will position cuts in the least noticeable spots possible, like the crotch area. A buttock enhancement may be necessary after the operation if the skin removal results in a decrease in size.

Buttlift is a crucial procedure that takes a couple of weeks to recuperate before you can return to daily activities. It’s typical to feel stiff after a thigh lift and observe bruises and inflammation, as well as other discomforts. Following a butt-lift, the surgeon may advise restricting sitting for a week, as inflammation can take some weeks to subside.

Achieve Your Dream Body with Professional Contouring

A image of stomach belly

Everyone is worthy of feeling their best, but our bodies don’t always comply and accumulate excess fat in hard-to-reach places. Expensive creams and wraps can also momentarily reduce loose skin, but nothing beats body sculpting treatments for long-term benefits. For these stubborn issues, body reshaping operations can produce more significant results and provide a long-term outcome.

Body contouring benefits both men and women, and each person’s needs can be unique to oneself. Additionally, based on the scope of the treatment, a surgeon may perform multiple body contouring procedures simultaneously. Furthermore, contouring surgery can cleanse, tighten, and help smoothen your skin, depending on the treatment.

While a moderate fat level isn’t dangerous, fat pockets can disrupt the alluring contours that help you appear your best. And if you want to take control and achieve your dream body shape, Bodiac Sculpting is here to help. Contact Bodiac Sculpting now for reliable body contouring procedures to help you attain a more refined and stunning figure.