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Yes. They are used in physician practices, spas, and health facilities around the globe. 

Virtually none. The treatments are safe and effective. Here are some common things that you can see with any of the 3 modalities (iLypo, UC, & TL). You can experience some redness and you can experience some swelling for a few hours and potentially a few days. These are typically minor.

For UC, you can hear ringing in the ears during the treatment. This is your inner ear doing its job and picking up the sound waves. Upon the completion of your treatment, the ringing will subside. 

For TL, you will feel the heat from the radio frequency waves which are essential in the targeted collagen production for the tightening, lifting, and firming of your skin. We will start at a low frequency and gradually build up to an overall setting that will deliver results while still keeping your comfort in mind. 

The best candidates are those who are modifying/changing their lifestyle and would like a boost along the way to help them with stubborn fat. Whether you are at the beginning of your journey or coming to the end of your journey our modalities will help at all steps along the way. It is important to hear that we screen for candidates who are going to be willing to exercise and drink water. These individuals will see the best results.

Yes, and during your consultation, we may discover that you need 1, 2, or all 3 modalities or even an alternating combination during each treatment.

Your technician will review with you and recommend what is needed to help you achieve your individual goal. The type of fat, how you store it, where you store it, your lifestyle, your age, and even your DNA can all be factors in determining which modalities are essential to your success

You must be 18 years of age or older Like any treatment there are some contraindications to consider. For UC, if you have vascular/heart issues, pacemaker, AFib or have a history of thrombosis, DVT’s, SVT’s you may not be eligible for UC but could potentially use other modalities. If you have cancer or have had cancer within the past 5 years you could be ineligible for all modalities. We cannot conduct your treatment if you have elevated glucose or high blood pressure that day and you would need to reschedule. We cannot conduct treatment if you have a sunburn on the treatment area and you would need to reschedule. Pregnant and breastfeeding women are not eligible for treatments. The best way to determine eligibility is by scheduling a consultation first. Your technician will help you determine if this is the right procedure for you.

There is no downtime. You can immediately go to work or play as you normally would.  These treatments are non-invasive. 

Based on your purchase, your treatments can be between 15 minutes to 90 minutes per area. The time depends on the number of modalities you purchased and the treatment area we are focused on. 

While this can vary – about 80% of clients can achieve a reduction in the first treatment. Everyone is different, however.  Your lifestyle, genetics, and your age are just a few of the factors that need to be considered. Even the location of where we are treating can impact inch loss. Typically, you will need between an average range of 6-12 treatments to realize your final goal.  If you only need an inch or two fat loss you would need less.  If you have a lot of correction than you may need more.  Your technician will consult with you on your progress on each treatment. Your goal is our goal. Be patient with yourself and give yourself some time for your results to reflect.

Results can last for a year or longer for body treatments with a reasonable lifestyle and exercise. It is recommended that if maintenance is ever needed that you do not wait, but instead schedule an appointment or two which will help save you money and time in the long run as your correction will be easier to overcome. We have lots of clients who will schedule in front of or after holidays as an example just so they can eliminate inches during their highest risk “food eating” holidays! TL for body and face uplifts can potentially last up to 18 months. UC will permanently break up your current fat cells but you can gain new fat cells based on lifestyle and genetics.

For face uplifts, please drink water and remove all skincare products and makeup.  Any face jewelry will need to be removed as well. Large earrings may also get in the way of your treatment and we ask that you refrain from wearing them.

For body treatments, please refrain from any caffeine before your appointment and drink water in its place. Please do not drink alcohol on the day of your treatment before or after the procedure is completed. Please note if you have a sunburn, we will be unable to comply with treatment and would require you to be rescheduled. Also, be aware, certain medical factors may also prevent treatment from taking place and would need to be rescheduled.

Yes! Many women find that the modalities can help with their cramping and bloating.  However, your results may not be seen by taking your measurements that day as many women carry water weight during this time.  We can still target your fat cells with good results just not necessarily measurable that day. You may also choose to reschedule your appointment. Please reschedule no later than 24 hours before your appointment to avoid a late fee of $50.

Depends. If your Fillers, Botox, or any other neurotoxins and injectables have taken place less than two months before your appointment then we will be unable to perform the treatment. The radio frequency waves in TL produce heat and the sound waves in the UL can both potentially melt and/or disintegrate your products. We do not want you to waste your money. We can perform the treatment two months after being injected and even continue to work around the areas that were injected at your preference. It is also recommended that you wait one month after your final treatment before receiving injectables again if you think it is necessary at that point.

For body sculpting, you can anticipate once per week most usually. This can vary based on your type of fat, how much correction, and your goals. We need a minimum of 24 hours for IL. We need a minimum of 3 days for UC. We need a minimum of 1 week typically for TL.

For face uplifts, you will typically see weekly for under 50. Bi-weekly for 50 and over.  

We recognize that sometimes rescheduling and cancellations are just unavoidable. We ask that you provide us with a 24-hour notice when you cancel. This is a very common practice in our industry.  

In comparison to many providers for the same treatments, we work hard to make these procedures an affordable solution for many who may not be able to afford treatment otherwise. When you provide us with an advance 24-hour notice we have the opportunity to bring a client who has been waiting to be scheduled on our standby list.  If you wait until the same day to cancel or just not show up the likelihood that we can replace your opening is very slim. Most people cannot drop everything to come last minute. We have no way at that point to make-up any costs for labor and administration. Please help us by showing up to your appointment on time.  

If you are sick, we recommend that you also reschedule. The same cancellation requirements would apply.

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