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Trying Bodiac Sculpting for the First Time?

Use One of These Introductory Offers!

Vivace RF Microneedling

Save $150 off your first session! Vivace RF Microneedling is a gold standard in combining these two modalities into one. Looking to lift & tighten? Maybe you need some help with acne & acne scarring? Are your fine lines and wrinkles getting in the way? Schedule your consult today and let us help you discover if this is the best procedure for you!

Body Sculpting Extended Session

$99 for your first extended session! Try up to 3 modalities which include iLypo, Ultrasonic Cavitation, & ThermaLift combined together for one treatment area of your choice. These modalities will work hard to help you with fat reduction and skin tightening in one session.

Face Rejuvenation Uplift

Try our extended session for just $99. Try out our ThermaLift radiofrequency session to help lift, firm, and tighten while helping with the overall sculpting appearance of your facial features. No downtime and pain-free.

Introductory Offers May Not Be Used in Conjunction With Any Other Discounts/Coupons.