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From the moment I walked into their spa I was greeted with such hospitality, I was about an hour early and Mrs. Barbara did and said everything to make my wait comfortable. Then I met Mr. Pete. OMG...he took his time to explain everything to me on just how the procedure works. The results. Phenomenal....we did a before and after. I'm loving Can't wait for my next appointment.


What a great place! Loved my experience. Barbara sat down with me and explained all the treatment plans that were right for me and Pete was amazing explaining every step of the way what he was doing. It was the most relaxed and comfortable treatment! I absolutely LOVE my results. I will be back!

Jacqueline H.

I really enjoy the customer service and personal approach that I get every time I walk into Bodiac. I love the owners and the staff and meeting and chatting with other clients. It’s just an amazing experience can’t wait to show some before and after photos

Kema C.

I recommend having any service here, everyone and everything will be great.

Deidre P.

Pete and Barbara are absolutely amazing and are very particular about who represents their company! Their employees are specialists in their field. They also have all the latest treatments available! Check them out and you won’t be disappointed. Just relax!

Aimée G.

I just had my first facial with Bodiac Sculpting and I’m hooked!! I bought some new products as well which are amazing. The prices are so affordable and makes it able for me to get back into a monthly routine. I highly recommend this spa!!! Amazing!!

Sarah W.

This privately-owned business is the best spa around. Forget about the chains! Barb and Pete have the best treatments at the lowest price with the best service. I love these guys and I would not think of going anywhere else. I get the facial rejuvenation and I just love the results.

Charlene J.

One of my most preferred places for body contouring. Not only was the staff extremely friendly and accommodating, but I also got drastic results from a few treatments. They offer a variety of services, in addition to body contouring. I'm excited to try the rest of their services.

Jackie C.

Love Love Love the owners and staff. Have had a couple of services and the staff takes extra care and explains all steps of each procedure.

Teri L.

I love this business! The Owners are so down to earth and provide a variety of fantastic services from facial treatments, weight loss programs, and massage all under one roof. And the best part is it's soooo affordable. Highly recommend them!!

Bryan N.

When Pete told me he could take away my wrinkles and bags under my eyes he wasn’t lying! Barbara, Pete, and all the staff are friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. I had a wonderful massage as well. I would highly recommend Bodiac!

Colleen E.

I just got my second facial (HD Facial) and a few dark spots that I have been battling/ embarrassed about for a little more than a year, literally. Washed. Off! 4 days after the service. My skin is in heaven since starting services here. On the way to healthy skin.

Courtney B.

Wonderful establishment!! Always knowledgeable when it comes to the newest products and procedures available. Awesome service with great results. Never disappointed!!

Gina S.

Loved the experience! Pete and Barbara really did a great job explaining my options and going over different treatment plans with me. Pete walked me through the treatment and explained everything he was doing. and this made me relaxed and very comfortable!! LOVE LOVE LOVE the results! I will be back!!

Jackie H.

I absolutely love this place! Pete and Barbara are wonderful people who truly want to help! I have had great results on my upper arms and lost about 2 inches off of each arm combined with diet and exercise! I would highly recommend this place because of the excellent customer service and wonderful results I’m getting.

Stacy A.

Such a warm and welcoming staff. I always have a present conversation while I’m here and a relaxing experience. I have already lost 3 inches off my waist. Helped me with my mom's pouch from having twin boys 2 years ago. Thank you for helping me reach my full potential.

Johnna V.

I just finished my package at Bodiac. From my first appointment to my last, this has been a WONDERFUL experience. I have never felt more comfortable than with Barbara and Pete. I know I can get a little self-conscious when it comes to appointments like this, but not here. They made me feel so comfortable and truly proactive in achieving my goals. You guys are the best! Xoxo Oh! And I’m loving my results!

Tanya F.

Had my first treatment lost 1 inch on both thighs after one treatment wonderful?

Tammy V.

Barb and Pete are amazing. They are so friendly you feel as though you have known them forever. I have struggled my entire life with weight control and this REALLY WORKS!! I saw results after my first visit. Barb explained every step of the process and I was extremely comfortable the entire time. For anyone struggling with their weight, give Bodiac Sculpting a try. You will be so pleased as you work toward your best look ever.

Rachelle J.

Pete and Barbara are great they make you feel welcomed and at home. They are super friendly and always make sure that you are mega comfortable. Loving working with them one session in and already seeing the results I want. I highly recommend!

Karla P.

This place is amazing! Pete and Barb do Amazing work. One treatment and already see results. Highly recommend. 5 Stars! Will be back!

Cami G.

Barbara was amazing she explained step by step what she was going to do. Not once did I feel uncomfortable and can't wait for my next appointment. I highly recommend her she was amazing.

Julie C.

If you are in the Phoenix, AZ area and in need of body sculpting, Bodiac Sculpting is the go-to clinic. High points: various procedures customized based on your needs and the customer service is impeccable. Ask for Barb, and tell her Tasha sent you!

Raytasha J.

I came here skeptical of the services. My wife was seriously tired of my fat belly. I went for 2 weeks 4 total treatments and I can tell you the em slim-cut about 4 pants sizes and tones my tummy. Nice little kick start to make me wanna get back in the gym. If you're looking for quick and excellent results I highly recommend them and the em slim!

Kevin H.

Every person I’ve met at Bodiac has been professional, warm, and kind. They take pride in their work and treat their clients like family. I would absolutely recommend them to anyone.

Jen J.

Barbara is fantastic from start to finish. She takes the time to explain everything before you even sign up. All staff is very personal and the office is extremely clean and neat. I have a very hectic schedule and they always find the times I need and fit me in. I am very happy with my results. If I wasn’t moving to Seattle I’d continue to do the lipo sculpt. I also did the food sensitivity, can’t wait to get my results!

Kathryn M.

Bodiac Sculpting is definitely a hidden gem that gives you the results you want! They helped me get ready for my wedding dress and went above and beyond to support my efforts to where I was picture perfect. The owners, Barb & Pete Purdom have a way of making you feel welcomed, like family, from the time you make contact until your last session. If I could give 10 stars I would. If you are looking for real results call today and don't forget to ask about their specials. You surely won't regret it.

Youth World Education Project

Several years ago I experienced super stress by major, and not so good, life changes. It took its toll on my body and physical appearance... starting with my face that I was scratching in my sleep, to weight gain, and stress-aged skin. I had spent thousands over the years bouncing from spa to spa and doctors to find solutions to help reverse the effects. Long story short, I have finally found my home! Barb and Pete will make you feel like family and they know what they’re doing! They will guide you without upselling. So what are you waiting for? Call them!

Colleen L.

I love this place for all my skin tightening and contouring. They offer body and face treatments to trim and contour plus facials and skin care products.

Teresa R.

I had one Ultrasonic Cavitation treatment done 7 weeks ago and the results have far exceeded my expectation! I had a great experience and the service was excellent. I definitely will be returning for future treatments!

Carla T.

I went Bodiac Sculpting and was treated like a queen from everyone. The technicians and front desk are amazing. If you truly want to be pampered and feel amazing, GO visit Bodiac Sculpting!!!!!

Victoria D.

I did 9 sessions in my stomach area and it helped. I wanted an alternative treatment and it worked for me. Thank you Bodiac team.

Ka "KEB" Bi

I’m here now AGAIN and still love this place. I’ve been working on my cellulite and have cried tears from the results I’ve gotten from Bodiac. I’ll be doing my face next. Bodiac is like using a filter in real life. I’m OBSESSED with this place.

Morris Family

I was pleasantly surprised with Bodiac Sculpting establishment. The staff was wonderful and the experience I had was next to amazing. I was surprised at what all was offered to help anyone who is struggling with skin issues, tightening and toning of skin, Ilypo, thermalift, massages, microneedling, dermplaning, facial, chemical peels, and body sculpting, I have lost inches off my body and wonderful results with my wrinkles on my face. Barbara and Pete our awesome and the establishment is well taken care of and very clean. I would recommend this business in a heartbeat.

Regina L.

The entire staff is welcoming and respectful. I haven't been pressured to purchase anything I am not highly interested in. I've gotten great information and advice for my treatment and see results after only 2 sessions. Today is my 3rd. So happy I found a place that is equally caring about my investment in myself.

Ann V.

We highly recommend Bodiac Sculpting! Super professional and excellent services that give REAL RESULTS!! We send all our clients there. You must check them out!

Platinum Spray

This place is wonderful!!! Barb is amazing and such a sweet soul! Along with the technician she was great! She has a nursing background so you feel safe and in good hands. I highly recommend going. The results on just my first go around we’re already noticeable!

Judith S.

I LOVE this SPA!! Friendly, professional staff. They ALWAYS remind me of my appointments and I had micro-needling that yielded EXCELLENT results! Highly recommend!

Jessica S.

Great staff and amazing treatments offered to enhance and improve your body.

Karen H.

Ohhhh my gosh I am never gonna stop coming here. obsessed is an understatement. barb and Pete are absolutely wonderfulllll and the thermalift facials are amazing. already did 7, and now have a facial and bacial scheduled. you absolutely need to try this place.

Kayla R.

They are the BEST hands down. Barbara and her husband Pete take special care of me. It's a pleasure every time I visit. Highly recommend.

Dustin F.

Well, now that I am at retirement age, I happened to notice BAT-WINGS under my forearms. I am like OMG – when did this happen!!! I have been referred to Bodiac Sculpturing by one of my Doctors. An institute that my Doctor reveres – was good enough for me to make an appointment. Like so many of the other reviews I read, Mr. Pete and Ms. Barbara were so warm and friendly that it is as if you have known them forever.
They did not make me feel embarrassed about my hanging skin; rather, they were so respectful and excited to work with me. Based on their time in the business, they know when there will be amazing results. After six treatments the results are remarkable. I am signed up for another few rounds to top things off – but more than that, I get to spend additional time with this lovely and caring “family”. I included some before/after pictures below. They use non-invasive processes applying cutting-edge technology. My treatment was performed with ultrasound waves (one of several treatments they offer).
Mr. Pete and Ms. Barbara are Masters of their trade. They do not just perform for the financial piece; they take pride in seeing so many people feel better about themselves at the conclusion of their treatments.
It is said that “The customer’s lifecycle extends far beyond the sale”. This couldn’t be a more true statement. Their caring attitude does not end when you walk out the door. Mr. Pete and Ms. Barbara will continue to be a part of me (for the things they removed ). I would be proud to refer Bodiac Sculpturing to other potential clients.

William C.

I went for 8 weeks for the body treatments. I lost 6 inches just from that. The employees are really nice, especially Rhonda. I love my results.

Lydia C.

Fantastic place! Lots of amazing services are available and the people are simply the best! I always feel welcome and comfortable when having services are done and they are very accommodating and understanding of my time constraints! Do yourself a favor and give them a try!

Shannon S.

My experience was amazing!! I’ve never had such a personal and pleasant experience. I'm very pleased with the outcome of the services and I’m even more pleased with the customer service experience. I can not say enough positive things!

Jennifer P.

Very friendly, personable, and professional. Great experience, they explain all procedures and make sure you understand what you need to do after the procedure. Will definitely go back!!

Carolyn B.

Great people who provide great service! They are very kind and will help you achieve your goals, make sure you guys Stop by! They’ll take care of you.

Jonathon Q.

Such a friendly staff, they are wonderful and also so professional, they offer a lot of great procedures and very reasonable pricing, I will be going there for years!!

Ann E.

I really love the owners. They are very hands-on and care about their clients' results. Definitely recommended!

Angie L.

Amazing staff, great service, and results!

Deirdre J.

Friendly staff and easy scheduling process.

Muni S.


Lashunda M.